How to Sell Your Condo Fast in 2022! – Condo Focus Illinois

How to Sell Your Condo Fast in 2022!  - Condo Focus Illinois
Hi everyone. This is Harry with Condo Focus Illinois. And in today’s video, we’re going to share a simple blueprint to help you sell your condo fast in 2022.

Tip number one, pick your selling strategy. One of the first things that condo sellers should do before selling their property is picking the right strategy for selling. Picking the right strategy is going to allow you to position yourself to sell your condo fast and allow for higher potential profits. Now, there are many strategies for selling your property, but the two main ones are; one, selling your property for cash. This strategy is geared toward those sellers who are in a time crunch situation and want to sell their condo fast. They’re usually dealing with an unfortunate life event and want to get rid of their condo.

Strategy number two, listing your condo on the MLS for maximum potential price. This strategy is geared towards those sellers who are not pressed for time. They don’t mind having their property sit on the market for potentially weeks or months while they wait for the right buyer with a good offer. If you’re still unsure about your selling strategy, you can contact us at, and we can help you walk through your options and customize a plan to help you sell your condo.

Tip number two, determine if your HOA allows rentals. Another important step in this blueprint is to determine if the condo association allows the unit to be rented. If your HOA does allow your condos to be rented, then chances are your property is going to attract a wider base of potential buyers, including investors, because they realize the possibility of monthly rental income. On the flip side, if your condo association does not allow your condo to be rented, then you are more likely to attract owner occupants who would be buying the condo for themselves. Knowing the answer to this question is going to go a long way to help you sell your condo fast and for the best possible price.

Tip number three, assess your condo’s condition. One of the biggest factors that will go into how quickly you will sell your condo or for how much will depend on the condition of your property. The better the condition of the property, generally the higher the price you can ask. If your condo is in need of excessive repairs, then selling it for cash might be a better option where the property gets purchased as is without you having to make expensive repairs. Alternatively, if your condo is great condition with many upgrades, you might be better off listing it on the market. By assessing your condo’s condition, you’ll be able to better manage expectations and sell your condo fast.

Tip number four, have the right tool for the job. The last step in helping you sell your condo fast is have the right tool for the job. Or in this case, an experienced set of professionals who have the expertise to help you sell your condo fast. Just like you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in nails, you don’t want to take the risk of dealing with companies with unproven track records to sell your condo. In these unprecedented times, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with companies that would deliver on their promises and are able to close deals. At Condo Focus Illinois, we are a broker realtor owned company with years of real estate expertise. We would be happy to create a free customized plan to help you sell your condo fast and for a great price. As always, thank you for watching and visit for more information.
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